Dyslexia Screening Test

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If you are unsure about a person you know that might be suffering from dyslexia, the best way to confirm your suspicions is to conduct a dyslexia screening test on the person. Such a test can help evaluate the conditions present and compare it to expert opinions to provide a proper analysis of the person. You can sign up for such tests or find them online so it can be filled up when you have spare time. The pattern is not complicated but involves a set of simple questions regarding the person that can help you identify if the individual has been affected with a certain form of the disorder.

General Information About The Person:

When you open up a dyslexia screening test, the first thing you would see is a simple section that has been prepared to collect general information about the person being tested. It might indicate their normal behavior, their nature and attitude in life and simple questions regarding academic progression. You might also be asked to point out the highlights of a person’s skills in specific subjects to create a chart about the strengths and weaknesses. The dyslexia screening test can help you evaluate the individual based on a complete overview of personality. It might even come in handy if you want to refer to a professional practitioner later on for treatment purposes.

Reading Skills And Proficiency:

The basic purpose of the dyslexia screening test is to evaluate the reading skills of the person because dyslexia is a learning disorder primarily concerned with reading. It can help you evaluate if the person has basic problems in the conception of words, letters and numbers that can cause lots of difficulties in oral passages. Any form of visual impairments are also noted down in the dyslexia screening test to see if incomplete information is being sent to the brain. This feature can be used to identify and diagnose any potential cause for the development of the disorder.

Speech And Processing Power:

When you take the dyslexia screening test, you would be referred to a special set of questions focusing on the effective communication ability of the person being tested. Any errors or faltering in speech should be mentioned so that a more accurate analysis can be provided. The test would also take into account the motor skills and processing power of a person based on his approach to situations and participation in different forms of activities. The dyslexia screening test can use this information to detect a pattern and identify the particular type of dyslexia affecting the individual.

Mathematical And Memory Functions:

The final stage of the dyslexia screening test involves collection of information about the mathematical abilities and time management skills of the individual. You have to specify the level of mathematics that the person is acquainted with along with mentions of any assistive technology or traditional counting techniques that might be used as an aid. The ability to solve word problems and process simple math based calculations are also taken into account. You should provide information on long term and short term memory factors that might affect an individual as the dyslexia screening test can help identify any problems with memory retention that might associate itself with dyslexia.

The best part about such tests is that they are completely free and can provide you with a professional evaluation about the prospects of being dyslexic. You can use the test to come to a comprehensive conclusion about the person and decide on the future course of action. The dyslexia screening test has been designed to provide you with a complete assessment so you can take the appropriate measures in making sure that affected individuals have a good future.

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