Dyslexia Test

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Parents should know that dyslexia cannot be diagnosed with the use of a single dyslexia test, because it can range from mild to severe. Moreover, dyslexia can affect different areas of a child’s academic performance. This is the reason a Specialist has to use 10 to 12 dyslexia tests to investigate each area which may be affected by dyslexia.

Is dyslexia test essential?

Even if you are convinced your child has dyslexia, is it absolutely necessary for him/her to undergo the dyslexia test? The answer is yes, even when the child is being schooled at home.

Although it is because of dyslexia that an otherwise bright student struggles with reading, writing and spelling, it may not be the only reason. And it is absolutely necessary to be sure why the child is having difficulties, to get the best possible help for him/her.

Dyslexia test at school

It is known to many people that public schools have to test children residing in the area, even when the children in question may not be going to that public school.

But what is not known to many people is that public schools test children not for dyslexia, but to determine whether or not they are eligible to receive special education services. And diagnostic testing and eligibility testing are two different things.

Dyslexia and LD

Most dyslexic children are not sufficiently severe to meet the school’s official criteria and definition of learning disability,

Research has established that only one in ten dyslexic children qualifies to have learning disability. So what this means is that nine out of ten dyslexic children are not sent for the testing, or even when they are given the tests, they don’s qualify as having LD. Only the severely dyslexic children qualify, along with other children who have difficulties due to other reasons. This is why it should be quite clear that dyslexia and a learning disability are not the same thing.

When should dyslexia test be done?

A child can be given the dyslexia test and get professionally diagnosed when she is 5 ½ years old.

Dyslexia test - the process

There must be enough evidence of dyslexia before the Dyslexia Testing Specialist is justified in administering the dyslexia test to a child.

The Specialist has to sit down with the parents for two hours at least to collect a complete developmental, genetic and educational history of the child. He/she will also collect copies of the child’s school work and report cards, reports of any other tests the child may have taken, and he will ask if the child has received speech therapy or any tutoring.

Which dyslexia test?

No single dyslexia test exists which can either prove or disprove dyslexia. A combination of ten to twelve tests are used to examine every area that may be affected by dyslexia. Tests have been developed to investigate the child’s Memory, Auditory Processing, Phonics, Reading Words, Reading Fluency, Dysgraphia, Writing, etc.

Who should do dyslexia test?

The dyslexia test should only be done by a professional and an expert in dyslexia, and he/she must have received specialized training in scoring the tests accurately and interpreting the results.

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