Dyslexia Training Program

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The Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children has been conducting a very successful dyslexia training program, which is a reading intervention program providing phonics instruction to dyslexic children.

For students afflicted by dyslexia, the progress of reading and spelling skills is delayed in spite of instruction. It is believed that three inputs assist reading development in such children:

- a phonetic training program which is highly structured, with strong emphasis on the alphabet

- repetition and drill to make up for verbal memory deficits

- the use of multisensory methods to stimulate mental representations without using language

These qualities are contained in the Dyslexia Training Program, a corrective reading program developed from the Orton Gillingham method.

The Dyslexia Training Program is of two years’ duration, at the end of which dyslexic students have demonstrated much improved reading comprehension and recognition compared to their previous levels. There was no difference in the improvement achieved by students who were given the Dyslexia Training Program live from instructors and those who received it by videotape.

This dyslexia training program, which comes as a video instruction series, has helped thousands of children improve their reading and overcome dyslexia related problems over the past twenty years. This dyslexia training program is best suited to school children in the 2nd to 5th grades.

The dyslexia training program is a two year, comprehensive course that fills in the gap in school districts where a properly trained teacher or a dyslexia therapist is not present. The series provides classroom instruction and an onsite facilitator takes care of individual needs and monitors the progress made in the classroom.

Because of the presence of the facilitator who is trained in dyslexia instruction, the dyslexia training program can be conducted successfully every year irrespective of any changes in the teaching staff.

Structure of dyslexia training program

For students, the training program provides 336 lessons on DVD and instructions by two dyslexia therapists on DVD.

For the staff and educators, the training program provides five training and orientation modules and additional teaching strategies to make the programs more effective.

What the dyslexia training program is about

The program teaches spelling and reading with a particular emphasis on alphabetic code knowledge and phonemic awareness through systematic and direct instructions. The lessons are multisensory and address five components: Phonics, Phonemic awareness, Vocabulary, Fluency and Reading comprehension.

The dyslexia training program consists of daily lesson plans which introduce the students to opportunities and new concepts to practice their skills in Reading, Alphabet knowledge, Spelling, Handwriting and Listening & Reading comprehension.

Extensive research

The dyslexia training program is based on clinical research done by leading educators and clinicians, and continues to be used more and more extensively not only in Texas, the US, but all over the world. The effectiveness of the dyslexia training program has been supported by a study conducted in 1998 by the Journal of Learning Disabilities.

Information on the dyslexia training program and order form are available on the Internet, and supplemental materials and workbooks may also be ordered.

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