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As a neurological disorder dyslexia can create havoc in the lives of those people who suffer from it, therefore dyslexia treatment is required early. Dyslexia means having learning difficulties involving reading, writing, and spelling and following numerical calculations and sequences. The earlier the disorder can be identified the better it is for the dyslexic. If the learning disorder is not identified properly, a child may go through his entire school life being labelled dumb, lazy or stupid and may grow up to an adult with extreme low self-esteem. As a child also he will have difficulty in assimilating with his peers and this habit may grow into his adulthood making him a recluse. Hence it is very important that anyone suffering from this disorder should seek dyslexia treatment at the earliest.

Signs of dyslexia

In order to proceed with the dyslexia treatment one has to be able to recognize the signs of dyslexia. Some common symptoms may include inability to learn numbers and alphabets, poor spelling and writing and reading which makes him shy away from reading aloud in class, mixing up letters/words, inability to follow instructions, weak comprehension skills and poor development of motor skills. They suffer from poor self-esteem and lack self-confidence. Many dyslexics are highly creative and imaginative and do well in the creative field. Although possessing average or above average intelligence the learning abilities of dyslexics is well below par their average age group and this leads to bad academic performances.

Dyslexia treatment

There is no dyslexia treatment as such which is generally understood in medical terms but there are many forms of structured learning and various therapies which can help dyslexics read and write better. A special education program can be formulated for the child and it is best to enrol the child in it as soon as possible. Dyslexic children should also be made to learn in a more congenial classroom environment in which educators are trained to inject an element of fun in their teaching through games or other tactics which can hold the attention of the child. Phonological teaching through games will improve his self-confidence as the child will not get discouraged by his apparent lack of alphabet or word comprehension and will pick up the skill at his own pace.

The reading level can be improved by taking gradual steps beginning by learning to read word by word and not looking at full sentences. This way the dyslexic child can slowly master the skill needed to pronounce words accurately and to make the correct association of the sound to the word. Dyslexic treatment can also involve multi sensory teaching which uses visual, auditory as well as kinaesthetic aids. Praising the dyslexic child for his other achievements is a very important part of the dyslexia treatment as he should be made to realize that reading and writing is only a part of reflective learning and his creativity and imaginative thinking are no less important. If proper dyslexia treatment is given at the appropriate time, the child can soon learn how to lead a quality life.

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