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Nobody can deny that dyslexia tutoring is a tough job. Not only does it require you to understand the child’s problem very deeply, but you also have to mould the teaching pattern accordingly so as to ensure that the child grasps and retains the lessons taught. So if you are feeling out of your wits and do not have a clue regarding how to shape your home tutoring style to suit the needs of the child, here are some dyslexia tutoring tips that could come in handy. Read ahead…

To start with, you must figure out what the problem areas of the child are. Not all dyslexics are the same. Thus, it is crucial to determine if their dyslexia hampers their mind-hearing co-ordination, or mind-eyes coordination, or the child’s problems mostly revolve around sequential arrangements and mathematics.

Now, you must understand that since your child has certain weak points, it would do him/her a great deal of good if the teaching patterns revolve around their strong points. For instance, if the kid has a mind-eye coordination trouble, wouldn’t it be far better to teach him using hearing aids instead of visual aids? Obviously, this kind of teaching helps a dyslexic learn as easily as any normal person and makes the process of learning far less stressful.

However, while teaching well should be your prime focus during dyslexia tutoring you must not forget that the kid still needs to deal with his dyslexia problems. You must thus never completely ignore the fact that even if you are teaching him –focusing on his strong points, overcoming his weak points is equally important.

Thus to deal with the disorderly functioning of the brain in a dyslexic child, the best thing to do is to train their mind unconsciously. For instance, if they are weak at mathematics, you do not just have to sit with pencil and paper each time to make them solve mathematical problems. Get creative instead, and make them count, say- the number of fruits in the fruit bowl or the number of toy cars they own, etc. Also, it may be worth mentioning that this kind of home training works best when it is started at an early age of the child.

In order to learn more about dyslexia tutoring at home, you may like to speak to the child’s teacher at the school. Keep in regular touch with them to know their expert views on the child’s progress and for personalized expert tips on how to help the kid deal with their problem better. Also do not forget to keep encouraging the child in spite of all their failures and short comings so that they never lose hope and self confidence, since these are the main keys to success for any dyslexic child.

Work hard and do not stop your dyslexia tutoring even if the progress is frustratingly slow sometimes, because in the end it is about the future of a child!

Why and how to opt for dyslexia tutoring online

Finding a good and a capable dyslexia tutor can turn into a rather tough job, especially if you live in a small town or a village, where there may not be as many facilities available as in the bigger cities. Thus, it is very obvious why sometimes you may need to search for other options that could help train the dyslexic mind in an appropriate fashion. One of these secondary options is dyslexia tutoring online.

Dyslexia tutoring online refers to teaching dyslexic kids through online teaching modes, where teachers come for live chat and provide lessons in a format that is especially carved out to meet the needs of a dyslexic child. The good thing about such websites is that they are made by experts and the teaching is done by proper professionals in the field, who know their job well and guide your child appropriately, even though they may be sitting miles apart and their only mode of communication might be just through the computer.

For online dyslexia tutoring, you can find out about the most well known and popular websites that have a goodwill for proving great services. For this you may like to speak to the child’s doctor and see if they have any suggestions, based on the child’s condition. It is important to mention here that you must choose your options carefully, since a good online classroom and teacher can go a long way in helping your child.

The charges for online dyslexia tutoring vary greatly from one training centre to another. Find out if the web site you are opting for your child’s tutoring also allows counseling sessions for the parents where they can meet the teachers and ask them for tips and reports on child’s progress. This kind of an involvement between parents and teachers is extremely important especially since we are talking about dyslexia tutoring online since it helps parents keep better track of what is going on with their child.

Dyslexia tutoring online is available all across the world, on the World Wide Web. Thus, even if you are on the move, the child does not have to miss their classes! Just make sure that the teacher offering the tuitions is capable of maintaining the child’s interest in learning lessons, since this can turn into a major problem for the child if they are constantly failing to grasp things and seem to be getting confused with the mode of teaching. If their teaching methods do not look fun, it probably isn’t worth it.

Dyslexia tutoring online, needless to say, is one of the best developments to have happened in the recent times in favor of dyslexic kids. It helps ensure that no matter where you stay and what facilities are available close to your current home, your child does not need to suffer from lack of education and learning. Just combine their online learning, with some daily home tips on dealing with dyslexic mind and see your child live a life of fulfillment and joy!

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