Dyslexic Apaches

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Lots of alternative bands have emerged on the music scene with a different and unique style. You should check out the band known as the dyslexic apaches that has its own appeal. The biggest attraction of their performance is the fresh sound that explores a variety of different musical styles. If you are bored of the same old musical hits, this band can definitely get you hooked to a few of their tunes. Here is some more information about the band itself as well as their music:

Overview Of The Band:

The band known as the dyslexic apaches was formed in Charleston, Illinois in the year 1990. Just like most other new bands on the block, they started out with four people and a pocket full of dreams. After they received the taste of initial success, they added a guitar to their group and replaced the original singer of the band. Being an independent label from the start, they formed records with companies like 4D Records, based in Seattle. The energetic start of the dyslexic apaches soon caught on to their audience who found something new in their music.

Type Of Music:

It is extremely difficult to put the music of the dyslexic apaches into one specific genre because that would mean pigeon-holing their creativity. They are often listed under the pop or rock section but there is no simple style that defines their sound. There are distinct R&B influences throughout their albums while certain tracks have a neo metal feel to them. Overall, their music is a mash up of interesting ideas and concepts that are cleverly used in each song. The dyslexic apaches might not have exploded into mainstream popularity but still have a loyal fan following for their songs.

Albums And Songs:

The first album that was released by the dyslexic apaches was in the year 1990, in the month of January. The album was titled “Fake Angst & The Teenage Blowtorch”. It featured a combination of different tracks such as “Three Hundred And Eight”, “Hey Sparky “and “There’s A God In My Couch”. They have also released lots of recent tracks, some of which include “Popeye The Prophet” and “Short Of A Load”. The dyslexic apaches continue to release new tracks despite the limited audience and their music is still refreshing even after the passing of the years.

Popularity And Reception:

The dyslexic apaches did not get quite the mainstream success that they had hoped for but it was mainly because of their musical style which was more of a mash up rather than a distinctive pattern. They did have their usual share of concerts, tours and fan frenzy and still hold a small but loyal following of fans who appreciate their music. Some of their tracks are listed on major music sites and you can listen in for yourself to immerse yourself into a completely different environment. As a band, the dyslexic apaches definitely managed to send out their own statement into the world of music.

Like every other alternative band over the years, there have been fair share of criticism on their music and albums. However, if you are in the mood for something new and entertaining, tuning into the music of the dyslexic apaches might even make you a fan.

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