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A good way to start is by seeing example research papers to get an idea about the basic format and avoid common mistakes. Students are often confused with several aspects of the research paper as they are handed out assignments during their school or college courses. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind before starting out with your paper:

Choose A Proper Topic:

The first and foremost thing you will see in example research papers is the rules regarding topic selection for the project. Whatever topic that you select will become the foundation of the entire project and you have to work accordingly. You should remember that the topic you come up with needs to be from your relevant field of study. A topic should be unique and creative but as you will go through the example research papers, you will see it is better to choose a topic that has plenty of research material. A good topic is a strong foundation that can really help make a good start for the project.

Remember The Format Guidelines:

A research paper has a lot of rules and guidelines regarding the overall format of the project. You can see in the example research papers that the entire paper is to be double spaced with a one inch margin on each side. You should know the proper numbering types along with use of Arabic numerals for the number scheme. The fonts that you use should be legible and 12 pts in size unless specified otherwise. Many students tend to make such common mistakes but example research papers can help you note down the most important guidelines and apply it to your paper.

Create A Dynamic Project:

This is one of the more optional areas of example research papers that deal with improving the quality of your project. As a student, you can take extra care in lots of steps to ensure that the project looks and reads better than a standard presentation. You could include interactive sources like surveys and questionnaires in the project portfolio. Your project should include a proper title page with all the essential information and an index for easy navigation through the content. Proper charts and diagrams as shown in example research papers can also serve as helpful visual aid to the content being discussed.

Reference All Your Sources:

As you will see in the example research papers, any good research project has a lot of documentation from external sources to add credibility to a discussion or analysis. However, if you do not reference them properly, you might have to face a charge of plagiarism at a later stage. The best way to do it is to create a separate section called bibliography at the end of the project for citing the references. Each reference that you cite should follow the format of example research papers and include the name of the author, the name of the book or periodical and the proper date of publication.

If you can follow all the steps mentioned in the example research papers and organize yourself, you can submit a top notch project within the due time and boost your chances of getting a good grade.

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