Famous Dyslexic People

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Many people consider dyslexia to be a life shattering disorder which is a completely wrong concept. There are lots of famous dyslexic people who have made a mark for themselves in life despite of all the obstacles and struggles that they had to face. You can find such geniuses in every field as they overcame their academic challenges to excel in terms of creativity and performance. Here is a list of some of the true heroes who have made life positive for fellow dyslexics:

Scientists And Inventors:

Some of the most famous dyslexic people have left unmatchable contribution in the field of science with their theories and inventions. A common myth about dyslexia is that people affected with the disorder are not intelligent. On the contrary, several individuals show above normal level of intelligence and superiority in their own field. Thomas Edison is a famous name who changed the state of modern technology with several of his inventions. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone while Michael Faraday revolutionized electromagnetism. All these famous dyslexic people had to go through a lot of hardships in their life but did not give up on their dreams.

Artists And Creators:

Dyslexics have a heightened sense of imagination and creativity. This is best seen in the works of art and literature where many famous dyslexic people have left their imprint on the sands of time. Leonardo the Vinci was brilliant in almost every aspect but is most fondly remembered for his epic masterpiece known as the Mona Lisa, considered to be one of the greatest paintings on earth. Lewis Carroll also fought off his academic difficulties to penn down Alice In Wonderland, a true literary classic. These famous dyslexic people used their disorder to their advantage and left a positive mark on everyone.

Politicians And Leaders:

People affected with the disorder have also gone on to become great leaders of the nation, inspiring countries to the ideal of freedom and liberty. Among the list of famous dyslexic people who excelled in politics, the name of Thomas Jefferson would be taken right at the front. He was the third president of the United States of America and the author of the famous Declaration Of Independence. Another prime statesman suffering from the disorder was Sir Winston Churchill, who led the United Kingdom during the second world war. All of these famous dyslexic people faced obstacles only to overcome them.

Entertainers And Showmen:

Few people can end up winning hearts so fervently like true entertainers. Many of them are famous dyslexic people who faced the challenges of dyslexia in their own life but fought it off to chase their dreams. The entire world is captivated by the acting skills of Tom Cruise, considered to be one of the best of his times. He faced severe dyslexia as a child but went on to become an acting superstar. John Lennon was expelled from his school based on his reports and rebellious attitude. He fought off all his criticisms just like other famous dyslexic people and went on to become one of the legends of music.

Everyone has a dream in their heart which they want to fulfill more than anything else in the world. All the famous dyslexic people have shown the world that to leave a mark; no disorder can stop a person from getting to his true desires.

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