Famous People With Learning Disabilities

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It is astounding to see the number of famous people with learning disabilities, all of whom overpowered the obstacles in their path and made significant contributions to their field. It should serve as a reminder to all the individuals with the disorder that anything can be achieved with innovation and hope, despite of all the challenges that lie in the path. Given below are some of the pioneers in key fields who succeeded despite of their learning disorders:

Science And Technology:

Most people associate science and scientists with immense brain power who have excellent reading and writing skills. However, some of the most world famous people with learning disabilities have struggled with learning disorders at various points of their lives. The famous physicist Albert Einstein can be considered a prime example in this case who had problems doing math in school. Another noted personality, Thomas Edison found difficulties with reading and writing even when he was twelve years old. Yet such famous people with writing disabilities gave the world a new dimension through their inventions.

Art And Literature:

It is more difficult to conceptualize famous people with learning disabilities in this field because it requires a lot of spoken or written creativity. However, one of the prodigies and legendary innovators Leonardo Da Vinci was dyslexic. Noted authors such as Lewis Carroll and George Bernard Shaw had speech and writing problems but it did not stop them from making literary masterpieces. Such famous people with learning disabilities have proven the fact that personal creativity can overcome even the biggest of challenges faced in the medium.

Music And Entertainment:

A similar pattern can be discovered in music and entertainment where lots of famous people with learning disabilities have made their mark on the world. John Lennon and Beethoven suffered from a series of problems but kept on weaving magic with their contributions. The famous actor Tom Cruise as well as Sylvester Stallone have had problems in terms of conventional education. Robin Williams is another personality who conquered his disorder to win the hearts of fans all over the world. These famous people with learning disabilities had a lot of hard work in front of them but they braved all odds and came out victorious in their personal battles.

Politics And Leadership:

Some of the most noted famous people with learning disabilities have graced the world of politics, changing the face of nations all over the world. The first name that comes to mind is that of George Washington who shaped America but could barely write and was poor in grammar. The famous Woodrow Wilson was also a dyslexic by nature but it did not stop him from being president. George Patton, a World War II veteran suffered from learning problems but became one of the most successful generals during the war. All of the famous people with learning disabilities left a legacy for the future despite of all the challenges that presented themselves in their way.

Reading such stories of success can inspire anyone to look at their own strengths and give hope to people with the disorder so that they can pursue their dreams without being held back by the obstacles. If so many famous people with learning disabilities could make a mark on the world, anyone can turn out to be a rising success regardless of their learning condition.

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