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Lots of people around the world suffer from different forms of dyslexia in their lives. An easy way to find out if a person is dyslexic or not is to take the free online dyslexia test that can provide a comprehensive evaluation based on certain symptoms. Such tests only require you to answer certain questions about the personal and professional life of a person depending on which the test results are generated. If you have any doubts regarding a particular individual, this test can serve as a great benchmark to come to a more authentic conclusion about their state of well being.

General Information Section:

The first section of free online dyslexia test consists of general section that deals with simple questions about the nature of the person. It is seen if the person is suffering from any forms of literary set back despite of having a high intelligence level. You are asked to rate the individual’s talent in different fields of academics so one can assess his proper strengths and weaknesses. The test also checks if the person uses strategies to hide his weaknesses and goes through poor self esteem. The frustration and emotional quotient regarding academic progress is also taken into account for free online dyslexia test to give you a complete overview of the person’s state of mind.

Visual And Reading Competency:

Once you finish the part of the free online dyslexia test regarding the person’s nature and emotional habits, you are directed to a specific set of questions regarding sight, reading and spelling abilities of the person. You might be asked if the person is confused by words, numbers, sequences or verbal communications. Complaints of any physical pain or other eye problems are also noted down along with the common errors made in spelling and phonetics. Such a free online dyslexia test is great to evaluate all the essential skill sets of the person and to see if they have any form of visual hindrance.

Speech, Writing And Motor Skills:

The third set of questions provided in the free online dyslexia test checks to see if a person has some auditory problems such as sound sensitivity or speech defects like the inability to put their thoughts into words. Stuttering, mispronunciation and halting during a speech are also taken into account. The writing section is evaluated through questions on pencil grip, pattern of written assignment and the nature of mistakes. The questions of free online dyslexia test also deal with motor skills evaluating if the person is clumsy in certain activities, ambidextrous or confused in basic processing abilities.

Mathematical And Memory Retention Abilities:

The final section of your free online dyslexia test assesses a person’s mathematical proficiency, dependence on traditional methods like finger counting and the concept of time management. Most dyslexics cannot do word problems, which is noted into the text. You might also be asked to provide information on practical applications, such as the person’s ability to count money or objects. The free online dyslexia test ends with a short section on memory and cognitive based questions. It is noted if the person has excellent long term recognition memory but is poor in remembering things that have not been processed properly. Association of words and images to thought process is also checked.

Such tests are extremely effective in providing an initial set of conclusions regarding the chances of a person being affected by learning disorders. You still need to consult a specialist for treatment, but you can choose to make that switch based on the analysis of free online dyslexia test results. You should use the test as a comprehensive tool to help lots of person get the proper care which they deserve.

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