International Dyslexia Association

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One of the most well known services against dyslexia is the international dyslexia association (IDA), which is a nonprofit, scientific and educational organization dedicated to the assessment and treatment of the disorder. It is a great resource for help and support for people all over the world in terms of its services, projects and various literary articles that have played a major contribution in evaluation and approach to the disorder. Here are some of the basic things you need to know about the organization:

Overview Of The Organization:

The international dyslexia association is a huge global name that has 46 branches in USA and Canada followed by special partnership programs with thirteen other countries. There are over 10,000 registered members who contribute to the discussions and seminars that are held annually to come up with new theories and approaches against dyslexia. The annual budget is a staggering 2.1 million dollars that is received through private donations, membership dues, grants, merchandise sales and other efforts. Among the different service providers, the international dyslexia association is one of the biggest names in its field throughout the world.

Role As Information Provider:

If you need any form of knowledge or support regarding the disorder, the international dyslexia association should be the first choice on your list. The organization receives a total of about 30,000 to 40,000 queries across the headquarters and 46 branch hotlines while the main website portal draws in another 250,000 visitors on an annual basis. The interactive web based dyslexia forum open for both members and non members provides essential help and support to various crisis scenarios while workshops and support groups around the clock deal with specific cases. An annual conference held by the international dyslexia association brings together about 200-300 experts in various dyslexia related fields with over 3,000 individuals to discuss new progressions and techniques to combat the disorder.

Research Projects In The Field:

The international dyslexia association has lots of research projects dealing with various aspects of the disorder and multi disciplinary approaches of treatment. Specialists and experts work together under a common platform to gather and generate relevant information from a wide spectrum of studies. Different fields are tackled simultaneously to provide a detailed overview of the entire scenario. The main aim of the international dyslexia association is to foster new learning techniques and procedures for dyslexic children to help them learn as efficiently as possible.

Literature And Worldwide Publications:

One of the key roles played by the international dyslexia association is the publication of several literary materials that is sure to make a positive contribution to the families of dyslexics all around the world. The official peer reviewed journal Annals Of Dyslexia is available both in print form as well as online archives. A quarterly publication known as Perspectives On Language And Literacy are distributed to the members and contain a lot of helpful articles. Other topic related content published by the international dyslexia association is also available for purchase to help you with any queries or doubts that you might have regarding the disorder.

This multi dimensional role played by the organization is a major help for people, patients and practitioners on a global scale to be aware of the latest developments and get a comprehensive resource for their problems. The international dyslexia association is a name that is sure to be remembered for its positive contribution against the disorder.

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