Kids with Dyslexia

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Dyslexia is a learning disorder found amongst kids and adults. Kids with Dyslexia find it difficult to read and spell. In spite of being intelligent, a Dyslexic child cannot read fluently like normal children. The problem lies in the functioning of the brain which accounts for many affected kids to struggle with reading, spelling and writing in spite of being academically talented. Kids with Dyslexia find reading, spelling and writing a real workout for their brain. They have to understand the following steps like:

1. Comprehending the manner in which the language sounds can formulate words.

2. Focusing on letters and words.

3. Learning to connect speech sounds to alphabets.

4. Blending the letter sounds into words.

5. Controlling eye movements across the page while reading.

6. Building images based on ideas.

7. Comparing the unique ideas with the known ones.

8. Storing the various ideas in memory.

Kids with Dyslexia initially struggle while learning the first few steps which makes the rest of the guidelines even more difficult to attain. It is, therefore, not surprising when kids with Dyslexia complain about the pressure that taxes their little brains and tires them very quickly. Most Dyslexic kids begin to learn reading by studying the manner in which speech sounds create words. Usually this procedure is followed by converting the sounds to alphabet letters. Kids with Dyslexia later blend the sounds with words. Subsequently, such children do not utter sound for words since they can instantly recognize the word they have seen or used before. However, the entire process is taxing for kids with Dyslexia as they have to remember the simple words and to sound out the larger words.

Kids with Dyslexia find it difficult to break words into diverse speech sounds. They generally read slowly and tend to make mistakes. Hence, kids with Dyslexia mix letters into a singular word. Most of them read with the help of special educators who are aware of the right methods of teaching such children. New techniques of remembering sound are imparted to the children. Learning specialists are fully knowledgeable about the tools and special activities to assist the kids affected with Dyslexia.

They also make use of flash cards, tape class room lessons and assignments. To keep themselves abreast of classmates, kids with Dyslexia need parents and tutors to assist them with their lessons. Extra time during tests is required by such children to help them successfully complete their examinations. Computers have greatly helped such Dyslexic kids. There are special software programs that enable the Dyslexic children to read their books loudly from the computers and download their recorded readings on their iPods.

Kids with Dyslexia often feel angry or sad because they face a tough time with reading and spelling. They may be sensitive and feel miserable about studying in a different reading group or because they need the assistance of special educators to teach them separately. However, everyone needs to realize that even the most creative Dyslexic person had to take assistance from qualified specialists to ensure that their affliction did not hinder them from reaching their goals.

What is Dyslexia