Learning Difficulties And Disabilities

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If a study is made on some of the most important problems that children can face in their growing years, the list of learning difficulties and disabilities would be placed right at the top. Education is the primary goal for children in order to build a successful career for themselves in the future. The first barrier to this goal comes in the form of learning disorders that can prevent a child from the natural academic progress in schools and colleges. In order to approach and treat this condition, you need to be aware of the various forms of the disability that can affect children and the symptoms to identify their presence.


The most common form of learning difficulties and disabilities that can affect children is dyslexia, which is commonly known as the reading disorder. A child suffering from such a condition would have problems understanding the concept of letters and words and their meaning. Sounds associated with those words would not be familiar to them and they would stay away from comprehension and reading passages. Common symptoms of the disorder can include reversal of letters, spelling errors in similar sounding letters and inability to comprehend any reading assignment. In order to study such learning difficulties and disabilities, you have to look up various resources on how to approach the situation.


Another type of learning difficulties and disabilities that is prevalent in children is dysgraphia, or the writing based disorders. Affected individuals would find it hard to make proper sentences and arrange the alphabets to form meaningful words. If you come across a writing assignment submitted by such a person, you would realize that the entire writing looks purposeless and out of context. Proper text patterns are not maintained and there are countless spelling and grammatical mistakes. It is difficult to deal with these learning difficulties and disabilities without the aid of professional assistance.


A common form of learning difficulties and disabilities that can be seen in children is math based problems, medically termed as dyscalculia. A child suffering from this order cannot solve basic math problems because of a lack of processing skills and reasoning abilities. The motor functions that are required to carry out the required mathematical calculations are impaired for these children making them struggle with math related courses. It is important to identify such learning difficulties and disabilities so that they can be separated from common math oriented fears and the affected children can be shown special care and guidance with the help of experts.

Attention Deficit Disorders:

When you are reading about learning difficulties and disabilities, you can come across various forms of attention deficit disorders that affect children in varying degrees. The children might be intellectually normal but suffer in their academics because they cannot maintain their focus on a single course or activity. Special drugs like Ritalin are often used to provide temporary benefits but it is not a permanent solution by any means. You have to identify the specific learning difficulties and disabilities so that you can approach it in the right way and provide the necessary treatment that is required for the condition.

People are often judged because of their failures, especially in the field of education at an early stage. However, many true cases of the disorder go undetected or are diagnosed incorrectly making the victims suffer throughout their lives. You can make a significant contribution just through a proper understanding of learning difficulties and disabilities so that you can identify and register cases to give the people the proper treatment that they deserve for the condition.

Types of Learning Disabilities