Learning Disabilities Association of Florida

The learning disabilities association of Florida is one of the foremost such associations and has been established to give support to people with learning problems. The most heartening part as a parent of a child with learning disability or having the disability himself or even as a teacher is that you are not alone in this struggle if you are a resident of Florida.

Parents, teachers and other professionals can become members of this association to understand more about learning disabilities and its practical solutions. Providing cutting edge information on learning disorders and a large network of resources, the learning disabilities association of Florida is one of the leading associations in the country.

The aim and mission of the learning disabilities association of Florida

The learning disabilities association of Florida is an organization established with the sole purpose of reaching out to the millions of people with learning disabilities so as to promote and support their general welfare and education and to integrate them into mainstream society successfully. Children and adults with normal intelligence may be handicapped with learning, perceptual or behavioral problems and the primary aim of the association is to ensure that every person with such a handicap is given the opportunity to be successful at school, work, and community and at relationships. The association encourages the help of like-minded members to help them create those opportunities.

The goals of the learning disabilities association of Florida

Learning disabilities manifests itself in many forms like visual, auditory, motor control, logic, communication etc. and the goals of the learning disabilities association of Florida are to develop a whole approach to the educational, psychological, physiological and medical requirements of such individuals. The association seeks to advance and promote the parents’ understanding and responsibility for educating their children with special needs and to increase community awareness and acceptance of the unique problems facing these individuals and their families.

Along with this attempt to create a climate of awareness and acceptance in public mind the association also attempts to expand communication with educators, both regular and special at all levels for the benefit of individuals with learning disabilities and to distribute any relevant information about this disorder widely.

It acts actively in developing educational and social opportunities for learning disabled people and in creating or promoting services specifically meant to meet their needs. It is constantly looking out for ways and means to improve regular and special education as well as vocational programs.

The learning disabilities association of Florida encourages research in every aspect of learning disabilities including neuro-physiological aspects and stimulates development of early detection programs for learning disabilities. Another goal of the association is to act as a liaison or/and consultant with other parents and professionals and it also serves as an advocate for the legal rights of people with learning disabilities.

The motto of the learning disabilities association of Florida is to reach out to as many such people as possible and offer them help, hope and encouragement so that they can lead successful mainstream lives.

Types of Learning Disabilities