Learning Disabilities Resource Community

Learning disabilities resource community is a virtual information help center open to anyone affected by learning disabilities who can be an individual or a community member. The resource community center is an open forum where everyone can acquire knowledge on learning disabilities, discover new teaching and educational tools, exchange information and experience hands-on activities. In this manner, the forum forms a platform which contributes to greater understanding of “hidden disabilities”.

In the virtual community center, knowledge or expertise are shared amongst members who also provide unique insights about learning disabilities by narrating true life experiences that is highly informative and interesting. Similarly, experienced educators help the forum by suggesting innovative curriculum which helps those with learning disabilities to adopt new tools and materials to develop skill sets. This makes them productive members of the resource community.

The learning disabilities resource community members can personalize their virtual forum by adding or editing web content. This helps to improve communication with other community members. For interesting information, a bookmark tool keeps track on valuable insights. Members of the community can view profiles, page members and send instant messages containing instructional content. The members enjoy many other benefits above those that are enjoyed by casual site users. They can also keep track of personal activities and community events.

In this manner, the resource community members contribute to public and help them to gain valuable information about learning disabilities. The various methods in which the resource community members can contribute includes writing informative research articles where real life experiences could be narrated. They can query for information or answer questions on the board that acts like answering questions for many. The members can also make new contacts that can help to develop the community.

The primary objective of learning disabilities resource community is to bring together the four main groups that comprise the learning disability community. These groups consist of individuals with learning disability along with their families, community organizations, research centers and educational institutes. The resource center initiates an active meeting ground between the diverse group members with the goal of developing relationships that are beneficial to all individuals.

This form of communication with others, with the help of the site, brings together a virtual community of groups across the nation who studies, works or stays with special-need learners or are themselves afflicted by learning disabilities. The basic features of such community forums are:

1. Providing members’ profile for others to view on-line.

2. Events calendar where members could post their research paper or personalize the community events related to learning disabilities.

3. Provides a huge compilation of websites related to learning disabilities.

Learning disabilities resource community website dedicates itself to helping parents and care givers build a positive and healthy environment for their cherished children afflicted with learning disorders. The diagnosis programs offered by the resource community are believed to be highly beneficial.

Types of Learning Disabilities