Mild Learning Disability

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When people think of learning disorders, usually the most severe or extreme of cases come to mind. Lots of people suffer from treatment based cases but there are also individuals with mild learning disability problems that might not manifest itself as sharply as other people. This is an interesting spectrum of the disorder as the intensity of the related problems are reduced but the nature of the problem themselves continue to persist. An individual with such problems continues to face several challenges throughout life. Here are some of the threats and dangers affecting such people:

Limited Academic Progress:

The main problem of people with mild learning disability stem from their challenges in reading, writing and mathematical logic. The delayed development and progress throughout school might lead to a stunted academic career without much prospects of higher education. Inability to deal with course related pressure and failure in streams of interests can only intensify the problem. Those who have mild learning disability should set short term goals for themselves instead of long term career achievements. Taking things one step at a time is the best way for potential success.

High Degree Of Social Isolation:

People who suffer from mild learning disability often suffer from limited social interactions because of their inability to communicate and interact properly with their peers. They are often kept under special education programs instead of the normal classroom environment so they do not develop the appropriate and required social skills required in life. Lack of friends and companionship leads to a high degree of social isolation among such individuals .They might have to face a lot of challenges because of the mild learning disability problem. It is best to focus on close circles instead of reaching out to people.

Lack Of Opportunities:

A problem seen among people with mild learning disability is the lack of opportunities which they face throughout their life. A limited progress in terms of education makes options in the job market extremely rare for them. Even if such a person is recruited, their inability to focus on any particular activity can lead to reduced performance in the workspace. In terms of social circles and opportunity in relationships, the people are often left behind others and have to create their own social definitions. In people with mild learning disability, it can often be a difficult task.

Cases Of Chronic Depression:

As time progresses, more and more people suffering from mild learning disability fall a prey to chronic depression. The feeling of always left behind can prove to be a major threat in their lives. Lack of opportunities combined with the desire to succeed might make them feel bad about their practical failures and drive them deeper into depression. Such individuals also suffer from ill health which can only add to the depressing thoughts inside the mind. In order to help the people with mild learning disability, it is important to show them the positive aspects of life and provide a lot of extra attention and care so that they can lead normal lives just like everyone else.

People often tend to overlook or ignore cases which are not that extreme in nature. However, special focus must be given to patients suffering from mild learning disability as they have to go through the same set of problems and challenges in their lives. As long as proper treatment and supervision is present, the condition can easily improve a lot for the better.

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