Non Verbal Learning Disability

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The situation becomes a lot more complex for a person suffering from non verbal learning disability that might often go undiagnosed. The basic idea about learning disability always comes from a fixed set of ideas regarding the problems and symptoms that might be seen in a child. The reason for this is that it is not as widespread as the more common forms of the disorder and shows no signs of development at a very early age. Some of the key concepts of the disorder are explained below:

Understanding The Problem:

The biggest problem with identifying non verbal learning disability is that it is against the symptoms of more common forms like dyslexia. A student suffering from this condition does not face any problems with reading or writing. In fact, most of the patients have a higher than average intelligence and do extremely well in lower grades. However, problems start to crop up when it comes to some non verbal and motor based skills. People with non verbal learning disability cannot comprehend certain thoughts or actions which can lead to a lot of difficulties in their lives.

Possible Causes:

When it comes to non verbal learning disability, one cannot always attribute so many sets of problems or theories as the potential cause. The most common reason given for the manifestation of the problem is some dysfunctionality in the right hemisphere of the brain. People who go through this condition have to deal with social isolation, rejection from teams and an overall lack of spirit for the work. Many experts also say it is a heightened form of Asperger’s Syndrome and should be dealt with accordingly. A non verbal learning disability is often hereditary listed somewhere within the family tree.

Potential Symptoms Of Disorder:

If your child performs extremely well in the beginning but fails at teamwork, it might be a possible symptom for a non verbal learning disability problem. Such people focus on the details but do not perceive the entire picture. Social skills and interactions are extremely limited that can cause a lot of problems in later stages of life. Fine motor skills like handwriting and basic coordination are in a bad shape and without any purpose for the student. Individuals with non verbal learning disability can often show more depression related symptom which should be treated immediately.

Ways To Manage Condition:

Just like the different common learning disorders, non verbal learning disability also does not have a set or prescribed cure. The condition can be managed through proper monitoring and supervision of the patient allowing them to showcase the best of their skills. Special software and tools using assistive technology are also available for a person to eliminate weaknesses in due time. The symptoms might vary from people to people so they should be treated according to the nature of the condition. Dealing with non verbal learning disability includes a lot of special attention and care for the student.

Such conditions should be given equal emphasis as compared to the prominent disorders that are easily diagnosed. Affected individuals should focus on their strengths and positive abilities instead of allowing non verbal learning disability to take control of their lives and progress in the future.

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