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Coming up with the outline for a research paper is one of the hardest things a student has to face during his assignments. You might have all your content ready but if you don’t follow the proper guidelines you cannot expect good grades. Little details can make all the difference and you should keep your eye on them. Here are some key areas which require your focus before starting the project:

Choose A Balanced Topic:

Whenever you start to form your outline for a research paper, the first thing you need to do is to select a proper topic. The subject on which you submit your assignment is going to make a strong impression on the instructor and you need to be careful while choosing it. Your topic should support open ended discussions and have an innovation to it. Another thing you need to keep in mind based on the outline for a research paper is the fact that the topic needs to be from your relevant field of study and benefit the society at large.

Remember The Formatting Rules:

Any good outline for a research paper has certain format restrictions which you will need to follow. Your entire paper should be double spaced with a one inch margin on each side. The numbering should be done on the top right hand corner in a simple design. You should use Roman or Arabic numerals but not highlight it with external decorations. When you are making your outline for a research paper, you need to use a font that is legible and contrasting. The default font size should be 12 pts unless specified otherwise by your instructor.

Cite Your Sources Properly:

A fact that many students overlook while drafting the outline for a research paper is the fact that all the sources that are used to validate your claims in the project need to be cited properly. If you do not reference them, you might end up facing a charge of plagiarism at a later stage. You need to create a separate section called bibliography where all the sources need to be cited in alphabetical order. According to the outline for a research paper, each reference should contain the name of the author, the name of the book or periodical and the date of publication.

Build A Professional Presentation:

The final step in your outline for a research paper is the presentation. Your project should have a proper index so it is easy to navigate contents by your instructor. The cover page should have your name, the project title along with the name of the course and its number. You should use clean white paper without any whiteners or scratches. A good binding can also help in building a proper presentation. As per the outlines for a research paper, your project should be classified into distinct sections to provide an overall scientific approach.

Once you get all your content organized into neat and presentable sections, you will complete your work much ahead of time. All you need to do is to follow the given outline for a research paper and draft a project that has a positive impression on your instructor.

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