Outline Format For Research Paper

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Many students have to look up the outline format for research paper because of the assignments which they face in their term examinations. Such papers are a test of your analytical and problem solving skills and carry good grades. However, the complex pattern of each paper can end up being confusing for students. Here are a few reminders that you must keep in mind before starting your paper:

Choose A Suitable Topic:

Your first assessment from the outline format for research paper should be the fact that every good paper has an innovative and useful topic. You have to follow two regulations while you are selecting a topic for the project. Any topic you choose must be relevant to your field of study and benefit the society in a positive manner at large. However, you can take a look at the outline format for research paper to look at different examples that have plenty of research material. Your topic should allow you to explore your creativity and make for open ended discussions.

Focus On Numbering And Format Options:

Your entire paper as seen from the outline format for research paper has to be double spaced and there should be a one inch margin on all the four sides. When you are numbering your pages, they should be done in a simple and clear format on the top right hand corner of the page. You should use plain Roman numerals instead of custom designs. The fonts that you use for the project should be legible and have a default size of 12 pts according to the outline format for research paper unless specified otherwise by your instructor.

Cite Your Resources Properly:

As you will see from the outline format for research paper, good papers have lots of external resources that serve as evidence and add credibility to a discussion. You can use as many resources as you like but you should reference them properly in order to avoid plagiarism charges. A separate bibliography should be created at the end of your project where each of the resources should be referenced in alphabetical order. Each reference should contain the name of the author, name of book or periodical and the date of publication. According to the outline format for research paper, if you cite multiple works of the same author, they should be mentioned in proper chronological order.

Build A Professional Presentation:

The final step as you will see in the outline format for research paper is to build a professional presentation for the entire project. You should have a proper cover page containing your name, the name of the project, course name and date of submission. A proper index should be present for easy navigation of content. You should use clean, white paper without any scratches and have a good binding quality to make a positive first impression. If you stick to the outline format for research paper, you should have no problems in keeping yourself organized.

Many students face the problem of submission of such a project, but if you follow the basic premise of outline format for research paper, you are sure to get good grades.

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