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For some, a phonics reading program is the ideal choice to improve a child's ability to read and write. Phonics is helpful to most students, which is why it's such a key player in your child's development in reading and language. Yet, many children struggle with the type of phonics education that's presented in a classroom.

When your child's age group is beginning to learn to read, it may become obvious that your child is struggling. Though many kids do struggle initially to grasp the concept of reading, others have far more difficulty. They may have normal intelligence but forming words, understanding letter sounds and writing may be difficult. This may be an indication that the child has a learning disability. That term sounds derogatory but it actually means simply that the individual does not learn in the same way that others do.

Do you need more help for your child? You may, if your child displays some of the following symptoms:

  • The child struggles with letter sounds and putting sounds together to form words
  • Writes letters backward or to the point where the letters are illegible
  • Has difficulty grasping content from stories, even if the child likes the story

If your child has any of these potential symptoms, further testing can help determine what type of learning disorder he or she may be suffering from.

How a Phonics Program Helps

One of the solutions to the reading difficulties of many children is to simply learn how to teach them. Rather than trying to use phonics teaching methods that are not working, parents and teachers can approach the topic from another perspective, one that might enable the child to get a better grasp on the information being presented.

What's important to note here is that the child is able to learn. The problem lies in the way that the brain takes in the information presented to them and uses that to learn something. When the material is presented in a way that is understood by the brain, the child can learn to read and may do very well in school.

The Right Program

The best way to overcome any type of learning disability is to approach it with the right educational resources and tools. Finding the right phonics reading program for the child is the first step. This allows for the child to get the information in such a way that he or she will understand it.

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