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A research paper outline can help you in planning a lot ahead before drafting the actual paper. Whenever you are assigned a research project, it can be extremely difficult to implement all the guidelines of a given format. You don’t need to spend hours trying to organize yourself to finish the paper. Here are some of the key areas that you should cover in your research project:

Build A Strong Foundation:

The first thing you need to look up in the research paper outline is a proper topic for your project. Your topic will become the foundation of the paper so you need to come up with something that is innovative yet relevant to your field of study. Once you have decided on a topic, you should explore all the avenues of research that are available to you. Apart from traditional sources like encyclopedias, you can also quote relevant journals or browse sites online to get more information. A practical mode of research can also be done using your research paper outline surveys and questionnaires for participants.

Follow Numbering And Formatting Rules:

A proper research paper outline will take you through the different guidelines that you should maintain based on the format of your research paper. The entire paper should be double spaced with a one inch margin on all four sides. You should use a simple number system on the top right hand corner of consecutive pages. There should be no design and you should maintain Arabic numerals. The font of text should be legible and 12 pts in size unless specified otherwise by your instructor. Another thing that you can learn from research paper outline is the level of headers and where to use them.

Create A Proper Citation Of Resources:

As you will see in the later stages of research paper outline, any good paper has a large number of references from external resources to add credibility to the discussion. If you do not cite your resources properly, you might face charges of plagiarism at a later stage. You should have a separate bibliography at the end where all the resources should be cited. According to the research paper outline, each citation should contain the name of the author, name of the book or periodical quoted for the resource and the date of publication of the most recent version of the work.

Develop Professional Layout And Interface:

The final touches in your research paper outline draft should deal with creation and development of a professional presentation. Your project should have a cover page with the title, the name of the author with institutional affiliation and the subject code. A proper index of sections is also essential for quick and easy navigation through the project. You should include figures and charts to give the layout a more dynamic look. Indentation of paragraphs and the variation between serif and sans serif fonts mentioned in the research paper outline can help provide a positive first impression on the instructor.

Once you start developing and making notes on your work, you will have to divulge deep into the guidelines and follow the finer instructions. The research paper outline can help you always be prepared on how to approach the project so that you can develop high quality assignments and submit them within the scheduled time appointed to you.

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