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One of the most crucial things in a project is to cite proper research paper references by a student. Any good paper will use lots of external sources to act as credible evidences for a discussion. However, you can be charged with plagiarism at a later stage if you do not reference them properly. There are certain rules and guidelines when it comes to referencing sources so here are a few sample tips to make sure your research does not end up in any form of allegations:

Use The Proper Section For Referencing:

When you are building your research paper references, you just cannot do it on any place of the paper. You have to create a separate section called bibliography towards the end of your project. A bibliography is a section that is specifically created for citing your research paper references in a proper fashion. This section is extremely important to the overall context of your project, so be careful with it.

List References In Alphabetical Order:

According to the standard formats of research paper references, all your crediting should be done in alphabetical order. This allows for easy and structured navigation by your instructor. When you are citing a reference, you should follow the parenthesis rule of mentioning the last name of the author along with year of publication beside the reference itself in bracket. This allows your research paper references to be seen directly from the main content page and points to their detailed summarization in the bibliography section of the paper.

Fill Out All The Requisite Fields:

Every time you look at research paper references, you will notice that they are filled out in a certain order along with pre specified fields that need to be mentioned. If you look at research paper guidelines, you will see that for each reference you have to mention the name of the author, the name of the book or periodical and the year of publication. These three things are a must when it comes to research paper references as it helps to describe the source. You can also add the page number as an additional option.

Follow Guidelines For Multiple Works:

Sometimes, while building the section comprising of your research paper references, you might notice that you have several works of the same author listed as a source for various discussions in the project. It would be a waste of time and space to mention the name of the same author repeatedly in the bibliography just changing his works. According to the modern conventions and format, if you cite multiple works of the same author for your research paper references, you need to mention the name only once. All the cited works should be in lower case based on their chronological order of publication.

A good research paper will never fall short of resources and use them to add value and a sense of authentication to the overall paper. As long as you follow the format mentioned in the guidelines and cite your research paper references properly, your paper will stay free of any plagiarism charges.

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