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Good research paper topics can help build a strong foundation to the project while bad ones can lessen your chances of a good grade. One of the key choices you have to make as you start out your research paper for assignments is a proper topic selection. If you are confused about the type of topic you should be working on, here are a few samples to serve as an initial reference:

Science And Technology:

Most of the research papers deal with the solution to a specific problem so the field of science can make for some great research paper topics in assignments. You can work on a distinct problem to benefit the scientific community or try to come up with better alternative methods to a certain technique. These research paper topics can help sharpen your analytical and reasoning skills. Some examples are:

• Development of Laplacian Face Detection Techniques In Image Processing

• A study of Google Android platform as a mobile operating system

Literature And Arts:

If you are not majoring in science, your research paper topics would mostly come from the literature and arts background. Such topics deal with a particular critical analysis of a classical work of literature or comparison between two sources based on different parameters. These types of research paper topics can help in the improvement of your unique and creative skills. The field itself is extremely vast but here are a few of the sample topics you can use as reference:

• The social and ethical values promoted by Bernard Shaw in Pygmalion

• Conflict as an important literary device in all forms of literature

Sports And Entertainment:

If you are looking for more exciting research paper topics, the sports and entertainment section is the best place for the search. You can do an analysis of movies or famous personalities in showbiz or talk about famous sporting events and related scandals. These papers make for an interesting read and the research paper topics that you choose can help you in coming up with unique and innovative content to present your paper in a fresh manner. Some examples are:

• Mafianomics: Glorification of organized crime for successful cinematic blockbusters

• Interpretation of the various types of fan violence in major sporting events

Politics And Current Affairs:

One of the most sought after avenues for research paper topics, politics and current affairs can give you lots of ideas on how to approach a good research paper. These topics are extremely helpful because they are always highlighted by the media and you can find plenty of research material on the subject. Such research paper topics can also allow you to tackle the most controversial issues of the nation and come up with a proposed solution for benefits on a larger scale. Some topics are:

• The criteria that should decide the benchmark of an ideal presidential candidate

• A look at the reason behind the mammoth failure in the Gulf Oil Spill fiasco

A research paper is as good as the topic on which it is based. You can add a lot of value and dynamics to your paper through selection of proper research paper topics that can make a positive impression on your instructor and help you in getting good grades.

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