Some Types Of Learning Disabilities

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Learning disability is a type of problem that is often seen in children. Due to this problem, they are unable to learn things properly. They are not able to write or read as well. People are often confused between mental illness or mental disorder and learning disorder. The two are not same. Learning disability often occurs in childhood. Most of the parents take this problem as another excuse for not studying and not performing well in class. This disorder must be treated at the right time so that it does not create problems for your child in his later future.

The exact cause of this is not clearly known. Most psychiatrists think that either due to injury in the fetus or after birth might have caused this disorder. Being exposed to drugs and alcohol also may be another reason. People who suffer from this problem are often ill-treated by their neighbors and society. Young kids are subjected to insults and bullies in class. This in turn leads them to depression which is another severe mental problem. If a person stays depressed for a very long time and is subjected to harassment every day, he or she may become suicidal.

There are a few categories of this type of learning disorder. The most common one is dyslexia. Dyslexia is a specific learning disability in which a person is unable to read and write. Some symptoms of dyslexia are unable to recognize letters instantly, writing words with different spellings each time, not understanding the framing of words. Reading anything without difficulty is also a problem. Dyslexia is basically the problem of not understanding words and therefore, not being able to frame them or break them into individual letters. The second type of problem is central auditory processing disorders (CAPD). In this type of problem, the person can hear perfectly but the information gets mixed up inside his brain.

The third type is dysgraphia. In this the child has to deal with the problem to write in limited space. The child often tends to write beyond the limit given. Non verbal learning is the fourth type of disorder in which the person has difficulty with visual patterns and writings. In dyscalculia, the person is unable to solve mathematical problems and calculations. The visual processing disorder is also another type of problem in which the letters seem to get mixed up. A person suffering from this disorder sees every word and sentence in a scrambled form.

The last type of disability is the written language disorder. In this, the person suffering from this particular disorder is unable to form sentences and words and express their thoughts and point of views. The only way in which you can understand this problem is by noticing the difference between the way he speaks and the way he writes. His writing would be immature and unclear while what he says may sound matured and would be clear. All of these disabilities can be cured if treated on time and save the future of a child from being ruined.

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