The Gift Of Dyslexia

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Many people look down on dyslexics as patients with a disorder that cannot be cured. However, you would be amazed to know about the gift of dyslexia and how it can manifest itself in positive forms in people. Dyslexics do have trouble with conventional reading and writing techniques but they can continue to make their mark on the world in lots of alternative ways. There are four different traits of the disorder that are given below which can be used for lots of positive circumstances.


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Multi Sensory Approach:

It can be seen that the gift of dyslexia has its own way of manifestation into the patient, making them think and act with all of their senses. This form of sensory approach is much better than verbal communication as it establishes a multi dimensional thinking pattern in the mind of the individual. You would also find this mode of thinking to be faster and more intuitive than normal people which can help them in lots of ways. If you make proper use of the gift of dyslexia, it is sure to make your life better.

Enhanced Visual Perception:

It is commonly known that the gift of dyslexia is established in visual form within a person. The person tends to think more with images than with simple word identification. This might cause a lot of problems in traditional academics but you can take great care of it in fields of art or other creative avenues. Dyslexics tend to be more imaginative and look at the world in a more visually colorful way than normal people. Artists and creators can make use of the talent to develop masterpieces thanks to the gift of dyslexia present inside their minds.

Increased Memory Functions:

Another thing that is added during the gift of dyslexia is increased long term memory functions for most individuals. They might struggle to remember short term incidents from time to time but worthwhile memories become deep seated in their brain and are retained for a far longer time than normal individuals. This increased memory function can help in retention during alternative learning as well as the practice of detailed professions such as architecture or engineering. Alternative and unique learning styles are a great way to take the gift of dyslexia and fashion it into a positive life changing experience.

Established Sense Of Creativity:

It has already been mentioned that the gift of dyslexia can make a person extremely intuitive and imaginative in their life. This is extremely rare in most people who tend to look at all aspects of their life in a logical and balanced fashion. Certain professions require people to think out of the box and dyslexics have a much greater tendency to do that as compared to conventional thinkers. The visual style of thought also allows them to showcase their creativity on a new plane of thought that can lead to some great creations. Thus, the gift of dyslexia might make them more talented than normal people.

It is completely wrong to shun away dyslexics because of the presence of the disorder that is still not understood properly by researchers. Instead, we should all learn to cherish the gift of dyslexia and make sure that it has a positive effect to play in a man’s life.

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