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The first thing you consider in a project is finding suitable topics for a research paper that is relevant to the subject, has plenty of research material and allows you to explore your creativity. Finding such topics is not a hard thing if you consider the prominent fields on which you can base your project. Here are some sample topics to help students get started on their paper:


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Science And Technology:

This is the most prominent field when it comes to finding topics for a research paper on a project. All you need to do is to consider a relevant problem and come up with a solution that is beneficial to the society at large. Working with such topics for a research paper helps boost your logical skills and analytical thinking procedure. Some examples on the subject are:

• A look at the increasing heart problems among younger generation and its solution

• The evolution from notebooks to netbooks- A predictive analysis of the future

Social Issues And Affairs:

When you deal with this field, you can come up with interesting topics for a research paper that has current relevance in society. You can include a current debate in discussion, a burning social problem or a contemplative outlook on society at large. This field can help you build great topics for a research paper because of availability of current and up to date material. Some examples are:

• An approach to counter stress among the modern professional

• Is the world governmental structure built on an unstable foundation?

Films And Entertainment:

If you are looking for some creative topics for a research paper, this is the best place to find it. You can never have enough of entertainment related discussions among people and it allows you to make artful comparisons between the past and the present. When you choose your topics for a research paper, this is one field that should be given a strong consideration. Some examples are:

• The element of horror in cinema-The Past, Present And future

• An Ear For Music- Are the glory days of classical compositions coming to an end?

Sports And Games:

One of the preferred fields to create topics for a research paper, it allows you to look at the changing pattern of sports and the public reaction. You can talk about major sporting events, or highlight a specific instance from the career of a prominent sportsperson. Whatever you choose, you are sure to get some great topics for a research paper. Some examples from this topic are:

• Should the Olympics be given a complete overhaul for the modern spectators?

• The effect of dope and drugs on prominent sporting careers

It is up to you to choose the area from which you will select your topic. There will always be plenty of options according to your preferences for a certain subject. These are just sample guidelines to help you out but as long as you follow these topics for a research paper, you will put a positive first impression on your instructor.

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