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Coming up with interesting topics for research paper can be difficult for students when they are on a schedule to complete the project on a definite timeline. The topics have to be relevant and innovative, a tough task when you are making a decision. To make your work easier, here are a few sample topics that can help you progress to the next phase of your project:


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Political Scenarios:

It is a field that can lead to some scathing topics for research paper if you come up with the right debates. You are bound to get plenty of fresh material and sources so you can add your own constructive criticism and solution to a raging issue. You should count on politics to provide you with some impressive topics for research paper on a short notice. Some examples are:

• Building an efficient foreign policy to benefit the nation- pros and cons

• Beyond Communism- A look at the modern policy of equality

Health And Medicine:

Often an area that is not explored whole finding topics for research paper is health and medicine. You can focus on biological and medical consequences of researches as well as the implications of new advancements on general health. This is a great way to find topics for research paper that pack depth and innovation at the same time. Some starter topics are:

• Stem Cell Research- A gift or a curse?

• An in depth analysis of amnesia and post amnesia recovery procedures

Computers And Internet:

In the developing world of technology, you can find great topics for research paper through the depths of modern computers and the internet. New and advanced progression in the cyber world can give rise to various discussions and problem solving approaches. You can look up lots of material on the topic and use it to develop topics for research paper that have an extra edge. A few sample topics are:

• Privacy on the internet- Is social networking ruining our lives?

• A look at Apple computers- does form really overpower function?

Books And Literature:

If you are searching for more classical topics for research paper, going in the literary sphere can prove to be a great advantage. If you look at the golden classics and modern bestsellers, you can draw out certain elements of interest that has an effect on thought and imagination. Such topics for research paper are quite advanced and can help fetch you good grades. Some examples are:

• Romanticism through the ages and the changes made in love through literature

• Science fiction- The olden H.G. Wells classics or the modern Dan Brown thrillers?

You can take your time in deciding a topic as it is extremely important in the overall context of your project. Your topic must allow open ended discussions along with several probabilities for a conclusion to the problem. If you develop a great topic, half the work is already done and a first impression is made. As long as you stick to the given type of topics for research paper, your project is bound to be a resonating success.

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