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Types of Learning Disabilities

Types of Learning Disabilities

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Various types of learning disabilities are around today. Both verbal and non-verbal disabilities exist and often go unnoticed until a child enters school and begins participating with other students.


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The first step is to understand the definition of the term learning disability. In short, it's not a problem with intellect but a problem caused by differences within the brain that lead to difficulty in processing information that's received, and communicating it. Those who have this type of disability have difficulty processing this information simply because they hear, see and understand in a different way from everyone else.

The causes of a learning disability may be unknown, especially when it's diagnosed in a child. Brain injuries and dementia can cause similar problems in older people, but in a child, it's difficult to know what led to the condition.

In some cases, hereditary factors play a role, while in other cases, autism or other brain injury could be the cause. In most cases, doctors will never be able to pinpoint a specific instance that led to the learning disability forming.

But, there's hope. The more that scientists learn about the way the brain works, they more they find out that the brain can change over time. It forms new connections regularly and generates new brain cells based on the experiences and the learning that you do on a daily basis. This means that someone with a learning disability can still teach their brain, but they often have to do so in a way different from the general population.

How to Help

As a parent or teacher, there are things you can do to improve your child's ability to overcome the learning disability he or she is faced with. Here are a few suggestions:

  • There's a way to teach your child, in most cases. It's a process that requiring learning a way that is effective for your child.
  • Become your own expert. Learn as much as you can about the type of learning disability your child has, and find out what the latest research and breakthroughs are.
  • Be an advocate for the child. Teachers and parents alike can work to ensure that all those working with the child understand his or her needs.

Although it can be difficult, it's important to know that most types of learning disabilities can be overcome or worked around. Your child does not need to suffer or find himself unable to achieve his goals because of the disability.

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