Understanding Dyslexia

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Learning disabilities have become extremely common in individuals all over the world in various forms. Without understanding dyslexia and all its associative disorders, it is impossible to correctly diagnose or approach an affected person. You need to have a proper knowledge of its causes, symptoms as well as modes of treatment to make a sensible assumption. Once you gain the proper perspective on the disorder, you would be able to treat such cases with a lot more maturity and depth. Here are some of the primary things that you need to know about the disorder:


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Causes Of Dyslexia:

The first step to understanding dyslexia is to deal with the origins of the disorder. Some theories state dyslexia to be caused by inherited factors that are passed on from generation to generation through the carrier of certain genetic markers. Neurologically, the disorder might also result from the presence of certain “ectopic cells” that do not complete their journey into the surface of the brain and lie beneath it. Several research findings also state early hearing problems to have a major part in the origin while some put the blame on selective learning strategies. The concept of causes is just the basics of properly understanding dyslexia but it can help you in your knowledge.

Symptoms Of Dyslexia:

The next stage of understanding dyslexia is to properly identify and diagnose the symptoms that might result in the evaluation of an individual affected with the disorder. There are certain key findings you should look out for such as daydreaming, lack of attention in class and problems with verbal instructions and word processing. Individuals might also submit disorganized written assignments with prolonged word reversals and lack of sentence structure. Poor mathematical functions are also a part of understanding dyslexia and its development in a person.

Effects Of The Disorder:

As you begin understanding dyslexia in its depth, you have to deal with the numerous problems that the disorder can cause in a person. Dyslexics perform extremely poorly in conventional reading and writing exercises leading to an overall degradation in their academic performance. They lag in their course curriculum and falter in every subject despite their high level of intelligence. They also perform poorly in arithmetic and time management and are clumsy and awkward in general activities. Another part of understanding dyslexia is the realization about their poor health and low self esteem that must also be taken into consideration.

Alternative Learning Strategies:

When you finish understanding dyslexia in its entirety, you would realize that it does not have a single set of prescribed solutions like other disorders. Different forms of alternative treatments and therapies are available that vary from person to person depending on the manifestation of the disorder in a certain individual. Many of these therapies involved special reading and writing exercises, learning through a more visual perception as well as training to improve motor skills in general. With sufficient practice and effort, combined with understanding dyslexia and its development, a person can get lots of positive results from such modes of treatment.

It is important to give proper value to knowledge of the disorder as understanding dyslexia would help you treat patients with the right approach and guide them on the proper path for their future.

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