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Dyslexia is marked by a number of conditions and types, one of which is the visual learner disability. As the name itself suggests, this is the form of impairment, where an individual finds it difficult to process through visual aids. In other words, while the world may be seeing a particular sequential arrangement in a particular way, a dyslexic with visual learner disability, maybe seeing it in an entirely different order. Thus these people may often appear confused and disoriented; and others may tend to doubt their intelligence level.


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For instance, a classic example of the problems faced by children with visual learner disability is that they find it tough to focus on what they are reading because the words and letters may seem to ‘float’ and confuse them. Also while writing, their handwriting could be extremely messy, with varying slants and letter sizes. This typically happens because when one is suffering from the visual learner disability in dyslexia; their eyes find it tough to focus on the data that brain is not processing correctly. While they may be seeing something, their brain might be processing it in a different order altogether. Thus, nothing makes sense to them, and they end up justifiably confused. The sad part however is that these individuals could actually have great IQ levels and could be capable of achieving a lot of success too.

The biggest problem with visual learner disability is that it has far reaching effects on the education of the child. For instance, if a child finds it tough to spell and communicate his thoughts on a piece of paper because the letters and words seem to keep floating around, it is obvious that they would not succeed in their task and would eventually get frustrated and want to give up altogether. This is why opting for professional help for dealing with visual learner disability during the early stages of childhood is extremely essential for an individual’s future.

The best way to make sure that visual learner disability does not effect the growth and development too much, is by focusing on the individual’s strengths so that they can easily move ahead in their lives, and suffer fewer drawbacks in spite of the disorder. For instance, if the child suffering from visual learner disability has a perfectly fine auditory processing capability, then a great option is to try teaching them with hearing aids and restricting the visual part as far as possible.

The same concept also applies while treating visual learner disability. If one can make a dyslexic kid with visual learner disability practice ‘seeing’ things the right way the best option is to help them concentrate on their strengths, so that conquering the impairment can become a lot easier.

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