What Causes Attention Deficit Disorder

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Theories abound as to what causes attention deficit disorder and although some light has been shed on it, there has yet been no conclusive result. However, a few common threads do seem to run through what causes attention deficit disorder and predominant amongst them appears to be genetics and neurological functions. Although it had been log suspected that the brain may be the key factor in understanding ADD, it was not until scientists started studying the brain activities of many children that it was discovered that the neural paths of those with ADD when compared to non-ADD children were different. Since messages are sent through these pathways in the brain any deviation or interference between parts of the brain which regulate feelings like attention, impulsiveness, planning and motor control maybe what causes attention deficit disorder. The areas of the brain which control these emotions are seen to be underdeveloped in those with ADD. Genetics seem to be amongst those factors what causes attention deficit disorder as research has shown that children with an ADD-sibling are more than three times likely to develop this disorder. Individuals who have attention deficit disorder running through their families are more likely to develop this disorder.


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Environmental reasons such as diet, alcohol use in pregnant women, tobacco also are not ruled out when considering what causes attention deficit disorder. Again, although no conclusive evidence is apparent, poor diet which lack nutrients like zinc and amino acids are being held responsible while trying to understand what causes attention deficit disorder. Zinc and amino aids are vital for proper functioning of the brain and their absence in the diet in a large dose or on a regular basis may be what causes attention deficit disorder. Recent studies have also shown that the addition of these two key nutrients in the diet has significantly improved the condition of those suffering form ADD. Additives, flavorings, preservatives found in processed and packaged food are also being seen as increasing the chances of developing attention deficit disorder or worsening the symptoms of this disorder.

An interesting concept which is doing the rounds as regards to what causes attention deficit disorder amongst children is that of over exposure to TV and video games. TV viewing has started at an alarmingly young age (toddlers) and it seems inevitable that children who were over expose to TV or video games as toddlers end up developing ADD. TV over stimulates the baby’s brain leading to changes in the neural patterns in the brain which may become permanent. This is because TV and video games move at a much swifter rate than real life and it gets hardwired into the infant’s brain that this is the normal way for real life to unfold. Hence, the inability to concentrate or be inattentive becomes a way of life for these children and they show all the signs of ADD.

Most experts agree that a combination of factors is what causes attention deficit disorder but much research has yet to be done to come to conclusive evidences.

Attention Deficit Disorder