What Is A Learning Disability

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One of the most common questions asked by people is what is a learning disability as they are not aware of the disorder and the severe implications that it can have on the life of a person. It is a known fact that many children perform badly in schools but remain undetected for any potential symptoms of the disorder. It is important that people acquaint themselves with a general concept and idea about the disability and the various forms in which it can manifest itself within children. Having such knowledge would help them build a new approach towards affected individuals. Here is a list of some of the most common forms of the disorder that can be found in varying degrees within children.


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Reading Based Disorders:

Before asking what is a learning disability, it is important to understand the most common form of the diseases affecting millions of children worldwide. The medical term for the condition is known as dyslexia and it is responsible for major reading based disorders in kids that can cause serious threats to their academic career. Children with the condition have problems with simple letters and words, their meanings and the sounds associated with them. They do not want to read or participate in any comprehension passages. If you are curious about what is a learning disability, a study on dyslexia should provide you enough information with the most prevalent form of the condition.

Writing Based Disorders:

Several children also suffer from writing problems so it is important to know what is a learning disability for getting deeper into the matter. The condition of writing based disorders is medically known as dysgraphia and can affect children from the early school days. Such children would show disjointed and purposeless handwriting. There are basic errors in grammar and spelling and no care taken towards a proper sentence construction. For understanding what is a learning disability, you can look at the class work copies of such individuals to get an idea of the problem in greater detail.

Math Based Disorders:

One of the primary reasons you should know what is a learning disability is to identify any potential math based disorders among children. Lots of children face math phobias in their early years but some are victims of a special form of the condition. Medically, it is termed as dyscalculia and it represents a state where a child is unable to solve even the most basic of math problems. Lack of proper processing skills and the ability of logical reasoning render such individuals incapable of such calculations. Experts who have an idea of what is a learning disability can help treat affected children in different ways.

Other Learning Disorders:

If you want to answer the question of what is a learning disability in detail, you should have a brief idea about other disorders apart from the three mentioned above. Normal attention deficit problems can affect a large number of children who find it difficult to focus on their studies as well as other activities. Many individuals suffer from barriers of social interaction with other people which makes them feel isolated throughout their life. In order to solve what is a learning disability, these conditions need to be monitored for the characteristic symptoms and treated accordingly under professional care.

The real reason these conditions are not reported is because of wrong diagnosis and a general lack of awareness about the disorder among common people. Once you know what is a learning disability, you can easily identify and register potential cases so that they might be treated for a better result.

Types of Learning Disabilities