What Is Attention Deficit Disorder

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Generally attention deficit disorder is a syndrome experienced in childhood days. The basic features include short attention span, disruptive attitude and hyperactivity. Victims are tagged as lazy, lethargic, demotivated and sometimes they are even called disgusting or pathetic and these are very harmful and highly dangerous.


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What is attention deficit disorder – Research by authorities

Attention deficit disorder has been explained by the American Psychiatric Association (1980) as a disorder displayed by children in learning patterns, impulsivity and hyper activeness. In this disorder a person just depicts inappropriateness in behavior and learning patterns. There is often loss in concentration and focus, memory prowess is reduced and the probability of making mistakes and getting distracted unnecessarily is increased in attention deficit disorder.

The victim is generally away from the right or required path. Sometimes individuals may also develop a permanent disability to learn in this disorder. Medication can be used to cope with the situation if the victim is a school student. The feeling of being emotionally and physically hyperactivity may be present in individuals with this disorder.

Characteristics and more answers to “what is attention deficit disorder”

Inattentive Impulsive Hyperactive Generally starts before 7 years of age Span is for generally 6 months. Mental disorder or retardation is not the cause.

The probable answers to the question of what is attention deficit disorder

Genes/ hereditary Parents Physiological

No medicines have yet been found that has successfully helped in curing the ADD victims. But some of the medicines prescribed are Dexedrine, Ritalin, and Cylert.

What is attention deficit disorder and treatment available

Recent research has shown that proper coaching or training of ADD victims has proved helpful and desired results have been attained. Goals can be formulated by the victims and they can consistently work towards being successful in it. They manage their time effectively and stick to their tasks. Victims have reported that their stress level is reduced and confidence is increased and they have a more balanced lifestyle.

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