What Is Learning Disability

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Many do not know what is learning disability; they are not aware of such a type of disorder and the subsequent grave implications it can have on the life of the affected individual. It is a fact that many juniors perform indifferently in school but nothing untoward is detected indicating this particular disorder. Thus it is important that normal persons should know about this malaise and the various types of it that can show up in the children. This knowledge of what is learning disability will enable one to take up a new line of approach towards those with learning disability.


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Reading based disorders:

The most common form is of learning disability relates to reading and is known as dyslexia. Millions of kids across the globe are afflicted with it. It seriously threatens the future academic career of the child. Those children with this learning disability have difficulty in reading simple letters as well as words, understanding their meanings and connecting it with the sounds they emit. This makes them reluctant to read or take part in comprehension exercises. Reading this article will give sufficient information to those who want to know more about what is learning disability.

Writing based disorders:

Many children also suffer from writing disorders and hence the importance of others to know about it in depth. The medical term for writing based disorder is dysgraphia and can show up in children from early days in school. The handwriting of affected children is disjointed and haphazard. There are fundamental mistakes in spelling as well as grammar; the child cannot properly construct sentences. One gets detailed idea about this type of learning disorder by going through the class work exercise books of such children.

Math based disorders:

It is very necessary for one to know about this learning disability so as to be able to spot it in children. A good number of children suffer from math phobia during early school years but among them some are afflicted by this special malaise. The medical term for it is dyscalculia and those affected cannot solve even the simplest sums. These children do not have the skills to properly process and to logically reason; hence they cannot calculate. There are experts who are best able to guide them in various ways.

Other learning disorders: More on what is learning disability

Apart from the three mentioned above there are other learning disorders. Attention deficit disorders are seen in a good number of juniors who cannot focus on their studies and other activities. This leads to reduced social interaction and they feel isolated and left out all through their lives. To mitigate the problem professional help is necessary. It will make their lives meaningful.

It is wrong diagnosis that causes these conditions not to be reported. In general there is a lack of awareness on what is learning disability – the common people are not alert to the fact that learning disability is very much present in society affecting many. Unless it is detected treatment cannot start – treatment that will change their lives.

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