Woman With Attention Deficit Disorder

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You can easily spot out lots of identification cases of ADD but it would be difficult to find a woman with attention deficit disorder because such cases are reported on an extremely rare basis. Unlike men whose whole life borders on educational achievements and lack of it leads to testing for disorders, women are considered to be generally home oriented in nature. They lead a protected life and their accomplishments or lack of it are not taken into serious conditions. Here are some of the briefings that determine the world of a woman faced with the disorder.


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Thoughts And Feelings:

A woman with attention deficit disorder can often suffer from cases of low self-esteem and confidence in her life. Right from an early educational stage, she would tend to act upon her emotional impulses and suffer from frequent mood swings. The feeling of self-loathing is also common among various women who find it extremely difficult to adapt to the shades of a primarily male dominated society. Emotional outburst and unprovoked reactions can identify a woman with attention deficit disorder among the rest of the crowd.

Choices And Actions:

Most cases of woman with attention deficit disorder consider the fact that women have to make more practical and household oriented choices in their lives. If she is facing educational problems, she might tend to drop out of school or college instead of trying out some new solutions. Women also tend to switch jobs and drop out from them without much consideration. This fact is not highlighted because professional achievements are often not their first priority. You can easily understand the choice of a woman with attention deficit disorder based on her judgmental choices against logic.

Perception By Society:

A major problem that is seen in a woman with attention deficit disorder is the continual extension of social isolation. Society tends to perceive such people as loners or failures, making them feel embarrassed and getting them to retract to a shell. Such women are not bothered about taking care of themselves and can keep forgetting to deck up properly for social events and parties. Their continuous drop outs can make other people form a negative option about them and term them to be lazy and unprofessional. The woman with attention deficit disorder is often perceived to be figure of weakness and pity because no one bothers to dive into the depths of her condition.

An Outlook Towards Change:

Just because you identify a woman with attention deficit disorder does not mean that there is no hope for future prospects of change. Stimulant medications like Ritalin or non-stimulants like atomoxetine can help suppress the primary conditions of the disorder and help her gain more independence in her personality. You can also take her to special support groups for women where she would be educated and empowered in her own style to get her to face the world with a sense of renewed confidence. Psychosocial therapies and family sessions are also great ways of bonding and giving a woman with attention deficit disorder a new purpose within her family.

Depending on the choices and treatment given out to women, they can compete with their male counterparts equally in every domain. Since diagnosis is not done on a regular basis, you can use your general understanding of the concepts of the disease to make sure that they get the proper support and guidance that is required. Women need to be treated with a lot of delicate care and respect and you can be responsible for leading a woman with attention deficit disorder towards a much happier future.

Attention Deficit Disorder